Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: Huminoida
Title: Intoxicating Spring
Format: 10"
Label: Out Of Range Records (@)
Rated: *****
After last year's "Mystic Summer EP", Huminoida a.k.a. Kimmo Karjalainen, is releasing a new 10"+CDr for his own Out Of Range Records. The new release brings us seven tracks: "The New Springs", "Aerial Demons" and "Half Light" are great new tracks where Kimmo is offering us strong synth wave sounds with a dark twist, "Electrocute" is a version of a song that Kimmo wrote with J.Kotkanen from the Finnish electropop band NYX which will be included on their first album, "Ruptures" and "Even Shorter Springs" are two two minutes short bridges that carry us to "Aerial Demons" and "Half Light". "Intoxicating Spring", this is the title of the new EP, convinced me at the first listening because it sounds direct and powerful. The opening "The New Springs" has an epic opening on the riff which is explored further on ""Even Shorter Springs", where thanks to orchestral synth sounds, Kimmo shows its dramatic side. "Ruptures" is experimental and trembling and prepare the listener to the "doomsday synth semi-metal with delightfully bleak lyrics", as Kimmo describe it, of "Aerial Demons", a dark synth wave tune with a furious riff. "Electrocute" is a catchy song which is sounding a bit 90s e.b.m. but with the use of 80s synth sounds. "Half Light" is a tune that musically I can describe as "arioso" thanks to the synth arrangement of sounds that interact by coming and going. The CDr contains the remix of "1000 Light Years", a track coming from "Whiter Album", remixed by J.Kotkanen. He gave to it a 90s e.b.m. dance treatment but he didn't change its soul. You can check and purchase the release here


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