Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Lupi Gladius
Title: Veritas
Format: CD
Label: SPQR (@)
Rated: *****
Coming from Lucania, Basilicata, Italy, Lupi Gladius born on early 00s and they could be considered the electronic wave band Hidden Place's side project as on the line-up we have Fabio Vitelli (synth), Pietro Burzo (vocals and bass guitar), Antonio Losenno (vocals, synth and percussion) e Giampiero Di Barbaro (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Hidden Place's singer Sara Lux guest vocals on "Gli Ultimi Bagliori" and "Nel Vento" (which is the acoustic reprise of the other track). Same line-up but music isn't, at all, as Lupi Gladius' music is neo-folk rooted on Italian early '20s iconography. After the 2003 demo reissued the last year by Castellum Stoufenburc, Lupi Gladius released their first proper album "Veritas" for SPQR. The album contains eight tracks (the opening "Sulle Rive Del Basento" is an instrumental traditional song played with an accordion) which are coming from the heart and this is the first thing that you realize by listening to the album but the real surprise for me was to read that there was another guest on the album, besides Sara, but he isn't playing any instrument as Diego Banchero (Egida Aurea, Il Segno Del Comando, etc) wrote all the lyrics. As for Egida Aurea's lyrics, on "Veritas", Diego underlines the modern world's contradictions and he does it with honesty. Lupi Gladius honored this participation creating an album which is powerful, melodic and melancholic at the same time. "Veritas" is a good album which has also a bit of new wave influences on it: check the synth arrangements on "Agone", "Gli Ultimi Bagliori" or the cinematic atmospheres of the closing "I Figli Del Tramonto".


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