Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: Alexander Robotnick
Title: Vintage Robotnick
Format: 12"
Label: Medical Records
Rated: *****
Exclusive Record Store Day LP presented on high-quality 180gram tri-color transparent blue/purple colored vinyl and limited to 2000 copies, "Vintage Robotnick" is a selection of eleven tracks coming from Maurizio Dami's (a.k.a. Alexander Robotnick) archives which have been released on vinyl for the first time. Recorded during the years 1982-1984, the tracks have been previously available on CD on the 2003 'Rare Robotnicks' compilation, except one track from 2005's 'Krypta 1982' ("Appuye Sur Le Champignon" and one other track culled from 'Robotnick Archives' ("Minore Terzo"). The album opens with 'I Wanna Believe', a single released under the Gina & The Flexix moniker back in 1985 on the Fuzz Dance label (an Italo Disco sublabel of Materiali Sonori). It's a song with lush atmospheres, nice melodies and catchy female vocals. "Les grands voyages de l'amour" is a great track which combines danceable rhythms, great synth melodies and a bit of melancholy in less than three minutes. Also "I remember Kamchaka" and the following "Soundtrack" follow a similar path but with "Celle Vache De Ma Mere" we pass on a different atmosphere made of mystery, sensual melodies and ironic lyrics. "Araba" mix middle Eastern melodies and robotic sounds while on "Ambient Robo" we have the robotic melodic sounds only (try imagine to Kraftwerk on a trip to Florence). "The Vampir" is a really good song which mix eerie sounds and danceable rhythms. "Appuye Sur Le Champignon" is really italo disco sounding with mid 80s guitar riffs. 'C'est La Vie' was a 7" released in 1987 and the song is a really nice synthpop fresh danceable one. The album closes with "Minore Terzo", a track which is in balance from Detroit techno and acid. Great release!!!!


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