Saturday, May 30, 2020
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This Perfect Day: No Frills, Just Noise

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Artist: This Perfect Day
Title: No Frills, Just Noise
Format: 12"
Label: Synthetic Shadows
Rated: *****
Formed in 1981 in Manchester, UK, by John Sama Snowden (vocals and, previously, singer with The Limit and for a short time with The Passage) and Mik Hayes (synth), This Perfect Day released only one single which they self released in 1983 for their own No Friction Records. Unfortunately they missed the chance to get famous with their 7" containing "The Garden" and "The Time Of Your Life" even if the main song was an upbeat synth tunes really energetic, maybe a bit punk and the B side was a bit more melodic and catchy. For sure they deserved more. Anyway... For about thirty years their name remained in the shadows until some tracks surfaced on Youtube. Marc of Anna Logue Records was about to release the demo that the duo recorded back then but I don't really know what happened but it doesn't really matter now as Synthetic Shadows finally succeeded into release this compilation titled "No Frills, Just Noise". Self released on CDr the last year by the band, on the album you'll find eleven songs recorded on the same 7" session using a 8-track tape at Bootleg Studios, Stockport, UK. Using a monophonic ARP Axxe, a Soundmaster SR-88 drum machine a Crumar Stratus synth and an harp played by John (you can hear it on "Past Trains of Thought" as well as on "Salmonella Serenade"), This Perfect Day were synthpop kind by accident as they couldn't afford other instruments but this didn't hold them back from composing inspired tracks which span from cinematic synth atmospheres ("Past Trains of Thought", "First Steps" or ""Adult Games Pt.1") to synth wave ("Adult Games Pt.2", "Adult Games Pt.3" ), passing through twisted pop tunes ("Happy Housewives" or the mexican craziness of "Salmonella Serenade"). This is a must have if you love early 80s synth music!
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