Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Marsen Jules (@)
Title: Beautyfear
Format: CD
Label: Oktaf (@)
Rated: *****
A mixture of spleen and vague anxiety sounds like swimming towards intangible depths and anaesthetic abstractions on this new record by Marsen Jules, as if he managed to decode thoughts and worries by a wendersian angel before gushing them into a resounding bucket, whose contents became the varnish of the twelve tracks of this "Beautyfear". As the title could let you easily surmise and according to Jules' own words, "it's an album on the fragility of beauty", whose birthplace had an influence on its sonorities. Masterfully mastered by 12k label head Taylor Deupree, the sequence of synth strings-driven fragile celestial symphonies, which sometimes sound like a distillation of techno with no percussions, dusky thunders, whose menacing halo could surmise some crepuscolar stuff from darkwave or dark ambient fields, reedy aural wavelets and plush sonic fluctations could let you imagine that Marsen abraded a number of suggestions, which got evoked by the place where he created this album during a week stay, a theatre workplace on the top of one hill of Lisbon, where the ideal proximity to a cloudy sky tied in with the panoramic view over that dusty enchanting city. The strange beauty of "Beautyfear" manages to feed expectations on the announced collaboration with Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg and a forthcoming release that Marsen made after a residence at GRM studuos in Paris, the temple of electroacoustic music, acousmatics and musique concrete.


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