Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Lubomyr Melnyk (@)
Title: Windmills
Format: CD
Label: Hinterzimmer (@)
Rated: *****
Cervantes' Don Quixote fighted against them as he thought they were monstrous enemies, they used to loom like giants over landscapes of notorious painters such as Jan Brueghel, Ivan Aivazovsky, William Callow, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali', who imagined giant butterflies in place of its blades. A windmill is also the protagonist of "The Old Mill", one notorious animation of Silly Symphonies series by Walt Disney, which dates back to 1937. Besides the advanced animation techniques which got tested, it can be considered a proper masterpiece for a number of reasons such as the intelligent use of timing and the score by Leigh Harline, whose musical and sonic supply included interesting effects as well as Johann Strauss' waltz "One day when we were young" managed to emphasize the most dramatic moments and the emotional changes of the funny fauna living inside an old mill before, during and after a violent thunderstorm. According to the interpretation by talented Canadian composer and pianist of Ukrainian origins Lubomyr Melnyk, that windmill could represent a human being, who faces misfortunes, vicissitudes and trials just like the windmill holds out against the destructive force of the wind on the top of a hill. His astonishing musical translation revolves around this vision by means of heart rending melodies, breathtaking emotional keys, restless variations and that whirlwind of extremely rapid notes, which connotes the technique of piano playing he named "Continuous Mode" by which he keeps on holding the record for most number of notes played in one hour (almost 94 thousands individual notes!). The final composition occurred after 3 years of tweak and revisions, where the addition of the lovely 20-minutes lasting suite "The Song Of Windmill's Ghost", whose gentle melodic breeze evokes less anguished and tormented emotions, sounds like the ascension of windmill towards empyrean beatitude! Simply beautiful listening experience!


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