Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: (@)
Title: These Walls Resemble Absence
Format: CD
Label: 3LEAVES (@)
Rated: *****
Once upon a time nearby Guimaraes on the banks of Vizela river in Northern Portugal, the textile factory of the Earl of Vizela was the flagship of the lively industrial district surrouding that beautiful Portuguese city and more than 4000 workers got hired in the 50ies when the sector experienced the period of highest development. After the growing competition by Chinese factories, the Vizela factory was compelled to close between 2001 and 2002 and both industrial premises and building became one of the typical decaying carcass of contemporary globalized economical system. The sonic journey that Rui Almeida released on Hungarian label 3Leaves by collaging a series of mainly untreated field recordings, found objects and hits on supposedly rusty machinery inside the abandoned factory and the surrounding natural environment manages to render both the state of deterioration of the factory and the strange contrast between the harmony of nature and the chaotic decay of human traces on the territory, where unexpected crescendo and dumb and somehow sinister tolling seems to come from the very last rattling of a dying giant, whose previous life left indelible traces on the landscape and the collective memory of the community, which already got focused by other reminiscences in different artistic fields - photographic exhibitions and movies such as "Centro Historico", related to Guimaraes city, which was premiered on the occasion of International Rome Film Festival 2012 and shown in many festivals with contributions by Victor Erice (the one focused on the Vizela factory), Pedro Costa, 104-years old Manoel de Oliveira and Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki -.