Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Estroe
Title: Comfort And Closure
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: EevoNext (@)
Rated: *****
Out on mid November, 'Comfort and closure' is the new Estroe's album, which as far as I know, it's her third. Coming from Amsterdam, Esther Roozendaal, belongs to a small handful of female DJ's that played the decks at all of the major dance festivals, including the Dutch festivals Dance Valley and Lowlands as well as the Movement Festival in Detroit, where she stood alongside DJs such as Sven Vath, Derrick May and Carl Cox. She's also the EevoNext label's manager along with Stefan Robbers. 'Comfort and closure' is mainly based on techno house but it also has nice smooth moments like the main title (it's a fluctuating track based on warm pads, acoustic guitar lines and digital bells) or techno monsters like 'Comfort In Disguise' (based on 4/4 blasts, tiny melodies, many rhythm variations and relaxed pad moments here and there) which, as the title suggests, seems to be the bad brother to the previous track. Other tracks I'd like to point out are 'Happy Distraction' that is an electro influenced tune and it's a nice one you can dance or listen to which has a funky bass attitude. The atmosphere gets nightly with the following 'Out Of My Comfort Zone' and 'Patiently Waiting For A Miracle' thanks to a mixture of warm pad sounds, varied rhythms (which pass from 4/4 had beats to light hits). Another one I enjoyed is the opening 'Unconscius Suppression' which has lush sounds, nice melodies and a hypnotic atmosphere as well as "State Of Endurance", which is a middle way from Miami electro, Detroit techno and house. The track list is varied and the reason resides into the title Esther chose. As she explains: 'I named the album Comfort and Closure. Comfort as in comfortable but also as in solace. A large amount of tracks (especially the moody ones) were created in a time with difficulties in my life, maybe the most difficult time ever for me. I found a lot of comfort and distraction in producing these tracks. Closure - because this time has finally come to an end and I am ready for a new phase in my life'. Check it out'¦