Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Response
Title: Creep/Resistance
Format: 12"
Label: Ingredients Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
Another fresh Mancunian candidate to reign dnb scene comes from Psylence's record label Ingredients; N.Owen aka Dj Response already dropped a couple of massive tunes on the catalogue and the scene together with Lee Davenport (St Files), whose acknowledgement persuaded Ingredients headquarters to release a couple of 12" in quick succession. This is one is the second of them and includes two ironclad tracks: metallic snipping, menacing caustic low frequencies, vocal samples which depict a not-so-far-from-present dark machine-ruled age and an unflagging inflated pressure of kick-drums flounders on "Creep" before a sinister adumbrating pad-synth got injected, while on the flipside "Resistance" is a deadly roller (as well as a declaration of love for African-Jamaican stylistical roots...), whose rising nebulously bright synths and walloping drums are going to chance the rising blood pressure and respiratory drives of all those brave dancers who are going to resist to this powerful body shaker.


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