Friday, July 10, 2020
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[.que]: drama

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Artist: [.que] (@)
Title: drama
Format: CD
Label: Schole (@)
Rated: *****
After a couple of self-released albums - "Sigh" (May 2012) and "Calm Down" (July 2012)-, some live exhibitions, many collaborations and borrowings to a number of projects for web, TV, radio and visual works, his contributon for "Schole Hope Project" in support of the reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 2011 and a contributuon for the fifth anniversary label-sampler "Joy - Schole compilation vol.3", the burgeoning 25-years old sound designer and composer Nao Kakimoto achieves his first full-length album on the appreciated Japanese label. On his "Drama", Nao seems to dramatize simple pleasures of ordinary life, serene charming scenes and fragrant emotionalism by means of 13 saccharin folk-tronica songs. The detail-oriented research of purity in the sound by the flusing-out of electric piano, whose slight delay on single strokes resembles me the way that Vangelis used to mutate piano on songs like "Chariots OF Fire", and acoustic guitar resembles the work of other compatriot veteran such as Sakamoto or his sponsor Akira Kosemura, who supervised and co-produced this release, some melodic structures sometimes sound too iterative and the rhythmical pattern are often too simple so that you could have the impression of listening to variations of more or less fixed schemes, but the mathematical accuracy of his snap-fit patchworks is really remarkable and the melodic dimmers succeeds in laying emphasis on the emotional nuances, particularly on heartwarming tracks like "bud", "Daybreak", "Air" and "Sunset", where he carefully grafted other sonic elements like field recordings or female choruses. Nao definitively holds great promise for his own musical and artistic path and for the pleasures of ambient-spotted folk-tronica listeners.


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