Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Gastón Arévalo (@)
Title: Rollin Ballads
Format: CD
Label: Oktaf (@)
Rated: *****
The man behind this new ablution into flooding lights is Uruguayan composer Gaston Arevalo, whose entrancing overflows of smooth frequencies manage to ferry listeners towards a daydreaming state of mind by speaking of some places he lived or visited at the same time: besides stretched and modulated instrumental parts and ethereal solvents, Gaston dissolved many field recordings grabbed from some European cities and above all his native Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, into his heady amniotic fluid, where many childhood memories and impressions such as the noise of the textile factory where his father used to work, the background sounds of the sea and the fishermen from the harbour nearby his house and so on, splashed down, so that the whole record smells like an enchanted anamnesis and a delighting enraptured journey over a palette of sounds, which mirror nestled vivid images and geographic striking evocations from some hidden distant coves of the soul. Even if it predictably resemble many miliar stones of ambient and neo-classical music (Brian Eno, Erik Satie, Arvo Part, William Basinski), "Rollin Ballads" got distinguishably perfumed by a personal touch and an inner perpetual motion, which manages to scramble listener's memories and feelings in despite of the "staticness" of many ambient records or the prevailing stereotype about this stylistical field.


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