Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Bruce Gilbert & BAW (@)
Title: Diluvial
Format: CD
Label: Touch (@)
Rated: *****
Many electronic musicians plugged their arts in thinking caps about cosmogonical hypotheses, fortunetelling of mankind or the edging forward of impending wipeouts and this tendency has been experiencing an exponential growth curve which seems to follow the curve trend of decreasing natural resources, boom-and-bust cycles and similar drifts after cultural miliar stones such as Philip Glass score for Koyaanisqatsi and so on. This new ring of that chain comes from former Wire guitar player Bruce Gilbert and Beaconsfield Art Works, the collaborative brainchild by David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin, whose sonic reflections about climate changes, global warming, flood geology and parthenogenesis of the universe happens at the right moment just after the scorching heat of summertime, the beginning of autumn and the upcoming of first cloudbursts. Seven long immersive tracks, an understandable reference to the biblical manufacture by a divine Stakhanovite, have been composed over seven weeks from some field recordings on the Suffolk coast on the occasion of Faster Than Sound, Albeburgh, in 2011, and some upgrades for a show at Beaconsfield, London, by the implementation of spellbinding synthesized sounds by Gilbert and Crawforth into Siderfin's score and iPhone field research, which starts from the primordial soup of the initial "The Void" and ends with the final "Rest/Reflection" by sweeping across halway marks such as the protozoic swarming and the birth of oceans evoked by "The Expanse", whose water drops in the second half of the track features a remarkable work on spacey sonorities, the entrancing sandstorm which spans the listening time of "Dry Land", the subtle photonic bodies which gradually radiates on "Lights" by throwing light on the upcoming spheric scale model and their apogean beings on the following tracks "Creatures of Sea and Air" and "Beasts of the Earth". This monumental sonic cosmogony, the fifth release of Beaconsfield's sonic series Soundtrap, cannot be but tiled "Diluvial" and got supported by PRS Foundation, Arts Council England, Big Shed and Hydrosphere.


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