Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: P.O.P. (@)
Title: Täbriz
Format: CD
Label: Monotype Records (@)
Rated: *****
Both the title tracks which refer to different kinds of Persian carpets, the finest ones in the world, and the bizarre sound experience this collaborative project by Hannes Strobl (bassist and composer of Denseland) and Reinhold Friedl aka Zeitkratzer rendered could surmise not only the elegant motifs of Iranian carpets, but also their weaving. The incessant movement of rods, shuttle, heddle, lathe, treadles of a loom, the asymmetrical knotting and the gradual braiding of the motif could be evoked the strictly interconnected elements, the rolling variations and repetitions, the rubbing and the striking on expanded piano strings, the clenching of electric bass' strings and the other impressive and wisely inoculated sounds which suddenly insinuate into sonic sphere. That's the way I decoded what P.O.P.'s explicative manifesto names the acoustic cryptogram in order to let listener understand the meaning of the programmatic anagram (P.O.P. stands for Psychology Of Perception, but such an abbreviation has a richer aftertaste by far within the fences of a wider thinking cap about the perception of arts), but the motifs that eack listener could draw from P.O.P.'s slowly mutating patterns could be totally different from mine, so that "Tabriz" could be considered as a somewhat original sonic work by an eulogizer of subjectivity in the translation of sounds into mental images and emotional projections.