Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Artist: Pure + Various Artists (@)
Title: No End Of Vinyl
Format: CD
Label: Crónica (@)
Rated: *****
Fourteen years after Vienna-based Mego released "The End of Vinyl" by Austrian dynamic producer Peter Votava aka Pure on 3" cd, someone could think that its sibylline prediction could be better spot-on if it were called "the.agony.of.vinyl", so that Cronica folks decided to fishes it out from the ocean of sonic memories by involving a number of talented noise and sound blacksmith for a number of reinterpretations and giving new shapes to all that molten black plastic, which lives again in this awesome collection they wisely retitled "No End Of Vinyl". All those menacing predictions by music market presumed gurus about the extinction of vinyl hasn't come true yet, even if its renaissance could be the last convulsion. Anyway, Cronica's heads, Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela, who introduced this selection in the guise of @c by means of abrasive liquid clots and ganglions on "Zweiundneunzig", decided to print it on cd, the format whose lifetime is going to expire before the vinyl one. The following sound artists explore a very wide stylistical range in a masterly manner, whose sense of subtle decay and a certain feeling of constant digging for a supposed sepulture got tempered with remarkable specimen of electronic refinement: the aural dark-ambient shades by Cindytalk's "Miyamizu", the mesmeric and somehow cinematic remixes of "The End Of Vinyl", where both Christoph De Babalon and Goner scans agony by impressive electronic textures and airy pad synths, which could resemble Beefcake's or Gridlock's epic hooks, the spellbinding buzzing whistles by Mego label owner Peter Rehberg aka Pita on "This & That Edit", the absorbing subtonal thuping and thunderous shocks on "Biological Agents Of Vinyl Degradation" by Jorge-Sanchez-Chiong (JSX), the gradual gurgling combustion by Rashad Becker on "Take Me To Your Lead Out", the illusory frugality of "Opera Povera" by Lithuanian sound artist Arturas Bumsteinas, the terminally ill dark ambient of "'end'end'" by Opcion and the final strokes of solemn atonement and the industrial drops on "Never Ending Vinyl" by Current 909 and Pure... a collection of adhesive stuff, whose rotting features seem to understydu for a new body.


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