Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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tEaR!doWn: Clouds Cover The Sun

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Artist: tEaR!doWn (@)
Title: Clouds Cover The Sun
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Electro Aggression Records (@)
Rated: *****
Third stroke for Electro Aggression Records brings us this DCD set of a young German/Swiss duo. tEaR!doWn consists of the German Electronica musician Charly and his prominent partner, the Swiss vocalist Oliver Spring. Oliver has already made himself a good name in the international scene as being the vocalist of Sleepwalk for more than 15 years until his engagement ended surprisingly in 2007. tEaR!doWn has been established earlier in 2004 and the first recordings have been mainly instrumental tunes. In 2007 Oliver met Charly and they decided to add Oliver's vocals to the compositions. A first CDR entitled 'Mind!Kick' was the result and since these days they are composing together on new tEar!doWn recordings. Musically this duo works too in the field of authentic Dark Electro music, but differently than their label comrades. If it was obvious to name the inspiring quells of Object, Terminal State, and Pyrroline with Puppy, FLA, or Mentallo & The Fixer, the things are more difficult to figure out with tEaR!doWn. I am equally surprised because this duo stands for a Dark Electro sound with typical European influences of the mid-90s during the heydays of labels like Celtic Circle Productions, Cyberware, Hypnobeat or Gothic Art Records. Let's pick up names like Splatter Squall, Page 12, Fuze Box Machine and - I need to name them - Sleepwalk, to get an idea how the music of tEaR!doWn sounds. It's also obviously that this album deserves much more names to get compared with, but especially the comparison with Sleepwalk amazes, because Charly hasn't had further relations to them until Oliver joint his project. This album offers musically a wide spectrum and it is filled with lots of hidden effect-elements in its Electronica music. Their best ability is surely their intention to vary the moods of each single track. 'Sign From Above' is your typical floor-compatible smasher for some body movement, while the scenario changes completely with the only 90 bpm slowly tune 'Lost' with its opulent, flute-like synthesizer pads. 'Disploded Visions', a collaboration track with Nine Seconds, which is a project by Thomas Kowalzik (NoComment) surprises with smooth, nearly Electro-Pop-like structures. 'This Cold Room' marks their return to the hard and shattering EBM formula, while 'Burnt By The Sun' with its slow tempo and some well-known, sinister 'Babylon 5' voice-samples falls again into a completely different mood. So it turns out on all 14 tracks of the main album: Just if you think you have identified a typical signature of their sound, they come up with some completely different content.
The second CD entitled 'Torn Down & Reconstructed' out of this opulent DCD set stands for 14 track remix companion album and got compiled by the E.A.R. label manager himself, Nader Moumneh a.k.a. 'Il Grandre Padre Della Vecchia Scuola Elettronica'. Nader could once again hire a lot of promising projects of the old-school league and some of the remix works are standing itself for own and authentic sounding interpretations of the tEaR!doWn track. Seriously, to have names like Jihad, Amnistia, MC1R, Brain Leisure, Second Disease, or Mr. Al of Sleepwalk in the line-up to receive remix contributions, can make an Electronica-musician proud of. The results of their work, as well as for the further contributors (Soillodge, Framework, Pyrroline, Terminal State, Synaptic Defect, To Avoid, One Eye Wanders, and Red+Test) are breathtaking and you as being the listener can be assured to get quality interpretations. Since the music of tEaR!doWn and their composing style personifies a special era of EBM/Dark Electro music with typical European roots, they may do not fit with everybody's tastes. To me their album offers a lot of pearls from which some of them can be only discovered after several more spins than usual. The most diverse sounding album of the E.A.R. label so far.