Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Earth Leakage Trip (@)
Title: Authorised Leakage
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: NexGen
Rated: *****
I could introduce "Time For Disclosure", the introductive track of this new release by EDM pioneers and Downbeat surfers Earth Leakage Trip by means of the words of a notorious vocal sample they grabbed from "Happy Monsters - An Adventure in the Land of Ooog" childplay and inserted in their famous track "No Idea", released by legendary Moving Shadow in 1991: the doors are where the windows should be. You can believe what the supposed revelations about extra-terrestrial beings and related matters Dreddmarc toasts about or you can ignore them so that you can quietly enjoy your refreshing toothpaste or bottled water without caring about fluorides and their effect on neural system or follow your favorite newscast and believe that smiling news anchor is telling you the truth, but the conceptual framework ELT which embraces the omnium-gatherum many followers of conspiracy theories and some possible variations of the theme daily chews feeds an interesting stylistical upgrade, which sounds quite far from some chilling and somewhat easylistening downbeat Tony Lobue and Neil Sanford made. On this EP, they melt what "humans called Dubstep" and sci-fi accurate sonorities, which cannot but sound somehow disquieting, dusky and intriguing due to the above-mentioned premises: they combined unearthly exhalations with skyrocketing dubstep devices on "Space People", gargles and dim adumbrations on "Reptile" - evoking old and new hearsay about reptialians or maybe their supposed noisy digestion -, overstretched sinister frequencies, heavy clunks and other sonic gashes on "Hyperdimension", which got inspired by the reports of strange loud eerie siren-like noises being heard all over the world (alien invasion or just tinnitus?). This bunch of amazing stylistical variations could let you surmise the most persuading secret file ELT disclosed lies in the "augmented dubstep" they roll on this good release. If they managed to awake or soothe your consciousness in the bargain, that's a far cry from a listening experience, but...beware of my presumed skepticism! I could be a reptilian!