Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Evestus (@)
Title: No God
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Apparently no stranger to Chain D. L. K., Estonian Electro-Industrial rock group Evestus (named after leader, singer, composer Ott Evestus) explodes into 2013 with their 'No God' EP released at the tail-end of 2012. (The wheels turn slowly here at Chain D.L.K.) On this release Evestrus (besides Ott) is HK on keyboards, Jan on Guitar and Tanya on drums, surely the live lineup. In the photo on the inside of the CD digipak the guys look suitably menacing and Tanya in her mini-skirted sailor outfit looks beautiful but deadly. The EP is 5 tracks ' 'Dirty,' 'Voices,' 'The Fall,' 'No God,' and 'Sleep Forever.' (Actually on my copy I got additional radio edits for all of the above tracks, but they didn't sound a whole lot different to me'¦some of the 'fucks' removed, whatever.)

Evestus has been described as sounding like a combination of Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy, (or a fight between Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy) and while that isn't too far off base I wouldn't say that sums up their music. 'Dirty' is well, pretty dirty in terms of synth sound, overdriven guitar and processing on the vocals. It's a very catchy track, with just the right amount of everything- squinky synth, ballsy guitar, good drum programming, punchy bass and nasty vocals. Straight and to the point. In short, a minor hit. 'Voices' is where the Nine Inch Nails comparisons may come in, but that's vintage NIN, not Reznor's latest, where he seems less angry and more spooked. Money can do that to you. It's more of a stylistic thing in the arrangement. It's really a great track; probably the best on the EP, and very memorable. With a few exceptions (the drum programming, string arrangement, some of the synth work) I didn't care much for 'The Fall'. Rap, even industrial rap doesn't do it for me. Title track 'No God' may actually have you believing 'THERE IS NO GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!' when Evestus screams it in your ears. The verse is kind of spoken meandering in the beginning backed by a mystery piano riff, but when it's chorus time Evestus belts it out. Nice rock-out section too. I'm sure that goes over well live. More mystery piano in 'Sleep Forever,' a kind of down and brooding track with Reznor-style whispered vocals and gated snare drum pushed back in the mix until ¾ the way through when the chorus (also the outro) jumps to life, albeit briefly. It was okay.

Some may argue that the music is derivative but what's not derivative in some way or other? Overly derivative? No, just using some of the most effective techniques to make the music exciting and engaging. Hey, Evestus is a ROCK BAND. An electro-industrial-metal rock band, but a rock band nevertheless. Why not use every trick in the book (and a few that aren't) to make yourself stand out from the crowd. As proven on this EP, Evestus have already got a leg up on a lot of American outfits in their genre. There are a lot of people who are going to like this (exempting the Christian Right) once they hear it, but I feel Evestus's best work is yet to come.