Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Observe And Control
Title: Self-Titled
Format: CD
Label: Self-Released
EBM has become a very misinterpreted term these days, with Future Pop monstrosities (you know who you are!) lumbering about under the guise of EBM and the market hysteria around it. But this band, hailing from war-torn Tel Aviv (Israel), brings about a new energy and brings us back to the true definition of EBM: driving techno beats lined with organic industrial drumming (kinda like Crocodile Shop), sharply done trance-synth lines, and those classically trancey, droning vocals. The lyrics are very enigmatic but very clear as to their meaning, such as "War", giving us the general idea what they are expressing without being bland nor vapid about it. Every track is simply energy defined, with a shot of pure emotion shining through. It sounds pretty much like the group Assemblage 23 wish they were, but could never come anywhere close to being (no insult intended, as Tom is a very nice guy!). As the first band of this kind from Israel, I’m becoming rather certain this scene and band (along with Mexico) could easily give Germany a run for it’s money very soon. Rating: 10


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