Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Revenant Cult (@)
Title: Spectral Heresy
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Distributor: Bandcamp
Rated: *****
What a nice initiative: Revenant Cult's bombastic track 'Spectral Heresy' has seemingly turned out to be a permanent recognized floor filler and has received good reactions of both press and listeners. So this 5-track CD EP is kind of a reward for their loyal fans and compiles several versions of the most matured track by the Australian duo Jess and Julian Nichols composed so far. Strictly limited to only 36 numbered and autographed exemplars means that all collectors including me (Thank you, Nick) can be proud of to hold this extremely limited item in their hands. The physical CD release is of course completely sold out now, while the digital download can be still purchased via their Bandcamp web resource. The long, uncut version of 'Spectral Heresy' is to me unbeatable, no matter how prominent the names of the foreign remix contributors are. Listening to this fine worked-out Futurepop-tune with its compelling female vocals of Jess Nichols after their highly praised appearance on the Juggernaut compilation 'Calming Cyclones' is still purest entertainment. That counts also for the music of this straight and pretty dancefloor-oriented tune with its well chosen sound-design including the orchestral synth pads. As for the remixes you'll get some remarkable appearances: Tom Shear's omni-present project Assemblage 23 convinces with different bass lines and more dancefloor-compatibility than the original already offers, while the Blast Radius 'Scarlet Light Remix' celebrates depth with huge hall reverb-effects. Studio-X offer a remix in their Industrial-Trance style, while the Aeon Club-Mix compresses this great tune to an ideal length for radio airplay. Half of an hour the same track and it never gets boring. The problem now for this Australian duo is, that they have to manage hard to satisfy my increasing expectations with their hopefully soon to be released album.