Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell (@)
Title: Morphogenic
Format: CD
Label: DiN (@)
Rated: *****
This is my second review of a Parallel Worlds collaboration, the first being a while back with their 'Exit Strategy' collaboration with Ian Boddy. You probably already know of Parallel Worlds, the project name of Bakis Sirros from Greece. Dave Bessell has been active in the field of popular music for many years, he also studied classical composition and orchestration at the Royal College of Music, jazz guitar with John Etheridge, holds a Doctorate in Music and currently teaches Music and Music Technology at Plymouth University. He may be best known as a member of the electronic group, Node, along with Flood, Gary Stout and Ed Buller. In a sense, 'Morphogenic' could be considered a 'dream team' for this type of electronic music. Just a quick look at the equipment used on the album ' Bakis Sirros: Euro/Doepfer, Serge, Buchla 200e modulars, MS20, Odyssey, Xpander, 4Voice, string machines and software. Dave Bessell: Macbeth M5n, Gibson Les Paul & custom software. (Ed Buller plays Moog Modular on one track- 'Heterodyne'.) You just know there are going to be some interesting sounds here.

'Morphogenic' is not just interesting sounds, but elaborate compositions that although varied, have a similar vein running throughout. While a good part of it seems to be amorphous and abstract, there are plenty of defined moments ' massive, weighty and grand themes; inventive and propulsive rhythms; wonderful sequencer work; dramatic orchestration, and more. The overly-used term 'cinematic' comes to mind but 'Morphogenic' is far more space music than soundtrack, although some themes employed on it could be considered motion-picturesque. Bessell's guitar work on the album is a perfect blending in the context of this kind of electronic music (something Edgar Froese never could get quite right with Tangerine Dream) adding power, depth and dimension, not just soloing over the top. Overall, 'Morphogenic' is a dense and heavy listen; a multilayered journey into the unknown that may have you exploring the outermost regions of your consciousness. Majestic, spiritual, sublime ' Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell seem to have created the perfect environment for analogue space synth freaks to explore on visits that are bound to be return trips. The album was mastered by Ian Boddy and copies are limited to only 500 so get it while you can.