Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: ASTREA REDUX (@)
Title: Fractals
Format: CD
Label: Meta Wave (@)
Astrea Redux lived two phases as a band. The fist one goes from 1984 to 1991 where the band members were: Axel Treusch (music, keys, vocals, lyrics), Stefan Riel (vocals, lyrics, mixing), Antje Mead (vocals, mixing) and Rieke Weiger (vocals, dance, graphics). On 1987 they also worked to a couple of their tracks with John Foxx at his Garden studio but those tracks never saw the light as a record. In early nineties they released a single titled "Sternenlicht" as Endzeit but by their ammission, putting on that record three of their weaker and commercial songs hasn't been a good thing to do. After that experience the band split up. In 1995 the phase two begun: Axel met Oliver Münch (who was playing as A New Ground) and they started to work together but only in 1999 they decided to team up definitively under the name of Astrea Redux. The compilation I've received to review is a sum of their songs composed between 1984 and 1992. The eighteen songs of the CD show very well the band influences and make of them a sort of ideal link with 80's electro new wave. Astrea Redux started where bands like Ultravox, Visage or Gary Numan ended. The band wanted to incarnate the spirit of the electronic fathers going on with the work they started:, experimenting with sounds and melodies and keeping on the initial idea without surrending themselves to the glittering and seducing dance/mainstream calling. Listening to these tracks you're led into a place where the chart results where the consequence of a good song and not of a good marketing work. A place where the early works of people like John Foxx, Simple Minds or Ultravox are still echoing. Many songs are instrumental voyages where every electronic lover could find himself at home while the remaining ones are electro wave songs with fashinating melodies. This is definitively a good CD that finally gives justice to the early work of the band bringing to light their buried treasure. I'd like to listen to their new stuff, at this point... :)


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