Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Artist: Veil Of Light
Title: Veil Of Light
Format: Tape
Label: Belaten (@)
Rated: *****
Most of the people who has releases out on Belaten are quite mysterious and usually give very few informations about themselves and Veil Of Light is one of them: the only thing I know is that it is a one man project from Zurich, Switzerland. Taking its name by the Sufist concept that the idea that someone can be so convinced of their own inherent goodness they believe they're entitled to do and get away with anything simply because of their good intentions (as wrote on, Veil Of Light on their debut tape are releasing six tracks that mix new wave, shoegaze noisy guitarism (check the guitar feedback which reaches almost the pink noise form) and goth. Sometimes it recalls me the Soft Moon (but a bit less catchy to my ears) for the use of unintelligible vocals and for the overall atmospheres. Guitar arpeggios, synth pads used here and there, obsessive bass lines are the main elements that will make feel like home to the lovers of nowadays cold wave sound. Check it here