Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Tagismar (@)
Title: ...oder der (alp-) Traum, einmal anders zu sein
Format: CD
Label: Sounds of Delight (@)
Distributor: Triton
German Sounds of Delight (branch of KM Sounds) continue with their tradition to release goth music, and this time its mixed with fast industrial/ebm beats with nice bass drums, bombastic goth sounds and sharp electric guitar playing power-chords with a cheap distortion pedal. Violins (traditional playing and pizzicato) are also to be found. The particular thing about this record I think are the male vocals, that range from low gothic and theatrical vocals to distorted ebm-style parts to almost black-metal screams that remind of Funeral Oration's vocalist Nick Curri. Obviously there are a lot of choruses, both male and female playing nice harmonies together. Lyrics are in german and english.
If you ask me this band has potential but should renew their sound library and detach from certain schemes...


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