Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: Cruciform Injection (@)
Title: Biomechanical Disintergration
Format: CD
Label: Negative Gain (@)
Distributor: Negative Gain
Cruciform Injection Biomechanical Distegration a cd for our electro future a compliment to this realm electro fuel for your soul.

Micah Skaritka is the brains behind this band. He does the vocals programming sampling lyrics and keyboards.

Spencer Montgomery does guitar on tracks 2,3,6 and 8 and Ryan This band is prodominately having great promise for all tracks to take over dancefloor worldwide. Every track you can move to.

Track one Exorcise the living dance floor beats with robotics everywhere and synthetics surfacing. A complete testament for our new age of futuristic genetics singing I ask why? questioning why hatred? choose life

Track 4 Embryonic Testaments a favourite for those who know it has been played on many radio stations and dancefloors singing take what you want from me im alive my demise my surprise. The rhyming couldn't flow any better than this! Pure electronic with serum and life all bottled in a testube ready to explod and come out and taste life. More about this track so much more dozens of samples voiceovers from nurses giving injections and revelations all mixed with robotic overlays very marchy background making even a dead soldier come back from the dead to dance!
Electro meets the netherworld! It's our nature to reproduce! A mad scientist created Cruciform Injection. Once you injected with them you'll never be the same!

Track eleven Black Tides is very haunting with very x-file background whistling with words of doom inflitrating singing my attention is deserved. I definately agree hard work pays off.

Cruciform Injection takes us, stabs us and injects our soul.
One of the best bands to hit the dance floor circuit-4 stars

Cruciform Injection playing this Sunday.


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