Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Deth Rok: Us & Them

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Artist: Deth Rok (@)
Title: Us & Them
Format: CD
Label: 13th Planet records (@)
Rated: *****
Deth Rok is the moniker used by NY-native Texas-based electronic artist Aaron Havill, a young electronic music producer, composer and engineer who has been working for Ministry's Al Jourgensen. Al's label is in fact the one who gave Aaron a chance and released his new CD "Us & Them" on his 13th Planet records. You shouldn't however except a Ministry clone or even an industrial-metal band. "US & Them" has no guitars or even distortions at all (except for maybe one track)... The music is more on the quieter side, although it has an underlaying sinister vein that pervades all the songs. Slow down-tempo electronica with a hoarse softly-spoken vocal parts whose themes fringe upon apocalyptic, political and cynical. The vocals actually are a pretty focal point here. Where most bands in the electronic genre might choose to hide their lyrics behind walls of saturation and screams, Havill makes the conscious choice of tackling uncomfortable topics and making sure what he thinks and says is actually intelligible and unadulterated. The sarcastic nature of the topics is futher exacerbated by samples of preachers talking about the end of the world, TV/radio commercials about medicine with really bad side effects and things like that. The slow pace and the articulation of his voice helps drive home the points he is making. Sure a lot of it is metaphoric and not necessarily matter-of-factual, but obviously the lyrics are important or the artist would not have chosen to include them in the digipack packaging.
If you are in the mood for some dark and sombre death-electronica give Deth Rok a spin, unless you are Eddie Kramer, you probably won't be disappointed!


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