Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Lyndsie Alguire
Title: Clair Obscur
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Time Released Sound (@)
Rated: *****
I'm not sure if there are some available copies of this interesting ambient release by Canadian pianist and soundscape chiseler Lyndsie Alguire yet, as Colin Herrick's Time Released Sound printed just 100 fingerprinted and handsigned 3inches CDR copies, but you can try as the listening experience this young musician signed sounds like a proper blow moulding from her inner soul. Out of curiosity, I had a listen to "Suspended Light", her previous album on Camomile records, and I can say that "Clair Obscur" could just remotely have been patterned on the above-mentioned release as it's less focused on piano and voice. Only one distant note resound in the initial "I Was Dreaming Of You", which sound like a self-tuning or I'd rather say a tuning on Self over interfering zephyrs. Piano melodies resurface on the following "You Used To Look Happy", where Lyndsie seems to find out a grotto inside her inner world where echoes of whispers of the voice of the above-mentioned Self are barely audible, and the radiantly aglow "The Twin Stones (Lovechain)", but it's on the final 10-minutes lasting track "All Possible Stories" that the dim light which sounds evoked by the title of this release, appears vividly sketched: piano flashlight-like melodies and supposedly sense of self got diluted by the somehow dramaticly emotional perception of the multitude in the guise of field recordings of murmuring voices. In the light of the intimate value of this release, the 8 polaroid prints taken by Lindsie's friend Mat Guerin have no sexual meaming, but they might portray the "naked" lingering on a disarming, but bewitching clear insight.


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