Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Helena Espvall + Ernesto Diaz-Infante (@)
Title: A Hallowed Shell of Ash and Rust
Format: CD
Rated: *****
This album hasn't real press notes apart from the bios of the two musicians: Ernesto Diaz-Infante has created musical compositions that span a broad perspective while Helena Espvall is a multi-instrumentalist plays guitar and cello. From this perspective this album is presented as something to listen without any expectations apart from the open mind to evaluate the musical qualities of this output.
This is a requirement as this album reveals a strange structure as, even it has twelve track, it relies in three long tunes: "Breathing Structures", a quite track based upon resonances and small timbre changes that create a truly meditative mood until the cello of Helena Espvall introduces the listener to second part of the track more focused on slowly evolving melodic line; "Hollow Earth Theory" is based upon the percussions of the string instruments, guitar and cello, of the two players interleaved with the juxtaposed, using the delay, melodic lines; "Against A Realization In Weathered Iron" is instead focused on the ostinatos of the strings obtaining an effect of slowly moving, almost static, texture of undoubtable effect if sufficently mindful on the small, but continuous, timbre changes.
The remaining tracks are small examples of timbric development as "With Space In The Spirit", "Interiority", "Into Subterranean Heavens" and "A Glamour In Base Materials". "These Are" is a short tune based on resonances created by delay while "Bridges Into Nothing" and "Ringing Out Tomorrows" are based on the juxtaposition of the texture of one instrument and the form created by the other. "Where The Archivist Stands" starts with the juxtaposition of the two instrument, evolves in a drone and ends with a sort of dialogue. "Something Ancient Being Born" closes this album with highly reverbered tones evoking a spiritual calm
This album is not easy to listen to as it demands really careful attention but is a recommended pick to all fans of experimental music. Great stuff.


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