Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Ian Hawgood and Friends
Title: Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Hibernate (@)
Rated: *****
British label Hibernate, a proper rising star of ambient music scene, dedicates this release to the sparkle of its rich catalogue, the ultra-limited album "Wolfskin" by English musician Ian Hawgood, one of the most refined and sophisticated soother, who manages to mix somewhat contrasting emotional polarities by means of the unifying power of his beautiful sound he spread through his labels Home Normal, Nomadic Kids Republic, Tokyo Droming and Koen Music aka KOMU, which co-produced "Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)". This release doesn't just canonize Ian's ability to shape that matter dreams are made from, but also his tendency to share such a vocation with other sound artists. On the first disc's cakewalk, a lot of musicians grappled with the lovely cathartic tracks Ian squeezed from the recollection of his own childish dreams and nightmares in a masterly manner: some of the most mindblowing moments come from the collaboration with the inspiring cellist Aaron Martin, who almost renders the scene of a mother in the act of assuaging her baby after he got suddenly awaken by a disqueting nightmare on "The New World", lets listener flow over emotional polar lights on the initial "The Dance", honeys further the delicate tapping by Ian on "Blue Type I", "Shallow Break", harmonizes the sleep spindles on "The Headless Sleep", but the other guests let their light shine as well. Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) weaves a net of fading filaments which awakes an encircling warm tone and gradually trigger an engaging emotional blast on the beautiful "Blue Type III", Charles Sage aka y0t0 splendidly boosts the same track by dilating chimes, Ian Hawgood allows himself a quick dip into his own mental pools on "Wolven I" before siphoning those lukeworm waters into Spheruleus' vaporizing alembics ("Wolven II"), Pillowdriver's darkening pipes ("Wolven IV") and Hakobune's treatment ("Wolven III"), which turns it into a plasma soup which saturates the substantia nigra. If you enjoyed the first disc, you'll get totally enraptured by the enchanting reinterpretation of the entire album by electronic dub-ambient sorcerer Brock Van Wey aka bvdub on the second disc, who made a sort of derivative album-within-album, based on three angelical diluition of three tracks ("All These Memories Are Blue Type", "Wolfskin" and "Red Rugs Of Infinite Grass") of the original album, who got turned into exstatic suites.