Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Artist: Maciek Szymczuk
Title: Clouds
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
This new release from Maciek Szymczuk could represent a classic Zoharum release but, because is filled with guest appearances, the music is changeable and seems a sort of pop-dark ambient. Just to be clear, pop is not a synonymfor commercial but a way to express the fact the key point of this album is the merge of a song structure in a dark ambient sound context.
The voice of Joanna Kunstwan-Szymczuk, with the words of Percy Shelley, clear the sound palette of "Cumulus Congestus (Fresh Showers)", the first track of this album that acts as a sort of intro to the remarkable variety of the sound solutions and the second track, "Cirrus Uncinus (To Watch The Clouds)", is a more refined version of this form. "Altocumulus Floccus" is an atmospherical introduction to "Altostratus" where an almost epic synth are juxtaposed to african beats while "Nimbostratus (ObÅok różany)" is completely centered upon the voice of Maciej Mehring interpreting the words of Tadeusz Micinski. "Cirrocumulus Undulatus" is an etherial song as "Stratocumulus Duplicatus" while "Cumulus Mediocris (SÅoÅce za chmurÄ)" returns to a more solemn form with Mauriusz,Oziu' Orzechowski chanting his own words. "Cumulonimbus Capillatus (Clouds)" is the proper title track of this album as it embodies the principal qualities of this release. "Cumulus Lacunosus" seems a quite chill-out (or idm) track reminiscent of some old records while "Stratus Undulatus (Srebrne chmury)" is open by the spoken words, written by Tadeusz Micinski, of Maciej Mehring introducing the etherial soundscape evoked by the author. "Cirrostratus Fibratus" is a small introduction to "Cumulus Humilis (White Sheep)" where small noises acts as an intro to the voice of Joanna Kunstwan-Szymczuk until a gentle coda ends the track and "Cirrus Vertebratus (Sunny Again)" close this release with the words of Alan Benjamin.
This release has one of the aspects that I consider most in a release: the personality of the musical output as, instead of being a typical release of this label, is one of the most enjoyable albums. Recommanded.


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