Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Eastcolours / Quadrant & Iris
Title: I Don't Know Why (Dabs Remix) / Sparse VIP
Format: 12"
Label: Avantgarde
Rated: *****
Even if Italian label Avantgarde doesn't often come into view - since its birth their owners Davide "Dabs" Rustici and Andrea "Grotesque" Valesini dropped just one release a year -, the people who run and support this imprint know the strategies to leave its mark every time it pops up. On the occasion of this third addition to a skimpy catalogue, talented Rome-based Italian dj and producer Dabs, one leg of the label, injected adrenaline (don't try this on yourself or the people you love!) into Eastcolour's track "I Don't Know Why" to its limit, so that it seems that female vocalist of the original version barely attunes her voice as it's immediately overwhelmed by tight rhythmical patterns, electric neurations, bleeping bullets and rumbling spins. The faint revamping of "Sparse" by Texel Quadrant and Karen Iris goes on the same speed of Dabs' remix; it's quite similar to the original version, included in the very first release of the label, as it seems they emphasized the mysterious atmosphere of the tune by "goblinesque" sounds and sharpened percussive elements in order to make it sound harsher. I'm pretty sure that many dnb followers won't expect to wait too long for next Avantgarde drop after listening to this doozy.


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