Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Der Feuerkreiner
Title: Der Feuerkreiner
Format: CD
Label: SPQR (@)
Rated: *****
Originally released in 2002 by Misty Circles/Runes & Men, in a limited run of 250 copies, Der Feuerkreiner self titled album is available again thanks to SPQR. The new cover is showing a broken/burnt record and maybe it could be a sort of tribute to an early Boyd Rice picture where he was showing himself with a hammer near a pile of smashed records. This reissue contains the eight original tracks ("Die Weste", "Der Wurfel", "Die Westkusten", "Sophie", "Spiel", "Der Lattenzaum", "Oder Schrei" and "Nein!") remastered, plus three bonuses ("Novembertag" and "Moderne Landschaft" coming from the compilations "Songs From The Bunker" and "Neo Form II" and an untitled one not reported into the track list). The debut album by the duo coming from Recanati, Italy, formed by Federico Flamini (music and vocals) and Valentina Castellani (vocals) is much influenced by martial industrial and industrial compared to their latest album "Unsere Zeit" released by Neuropa and we have bombastic tracks ("Oder Schrei", "Sophie", "Novembertag" or the orchestral "Die Westkusten") alternated to dark ambient/industrial ones ("Der Wurfel"), to industrial noise ones ("Nein!" and "Moderne Landschaft") or to symphonic in crescendo tunes (like the opening "Die Weste"). The whole album, despite the fact that it was their first one, has already a balanced track list and it was already a good one for the lovers of the genre. This reissue is your chance to discover it...


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