Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Sunchase / Detail
Title: Nathnennia / Green Rain
Format: 12"
Label: Utopia Music (@)
Distributor: S.T. Holdings Ltd.
Rated: *****
Both these two new grasps on Bristol-based Stephen Mako's Utopia Music growing tree come from Ukrainian creative fertile grounds. On side A, the surprising producer Alexander Pavlenko, who signed many releases on various labels and an album on German label Drone Audio, delivers "Nathnennia", a delightfully polished track whose emotional warmth, infused by a piano-driven minimalistic melody, a padded sonic envoronment, sudden electric bursts and some occasional abrasive wipes, seems to get validated by the recordings of dropping crystals and cracking sheets of ice, which vividly evoke an otherworldly land of enchantment, whose brightness gets more visible after its thick ice protective shield seems to become thinner and thinner. The images evoked by 20-years old phenomenal producer Daniil Marin aka Detail on his tune "Green Rain" are quite different and not totally Matrix-inspired as the title could suggest: the sinister squeaking of rusty chains, the sudden assaults of drum geysers, the electronic bottlenecks, the dogged tribal steps and other details could certainly evoke some totemic aspects of hacker's communities, but these elements manage to seduce both darker and springier souls of the dancefloors from the stylistical viewpoint.


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