Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Chroma (@)
Title: Intermission/Knock Knock
Format: 12"
Label: C.I.A. Records (@)
Rated: *****
After the prolific Newscastle-based dnb producers James Smith aka Phobia, Kevin bell aka Sato and Ben Duncan aka Tyrone singly dropped sonic bombs on the catalogues of many eminent labels such as Renegade Hardware, Critical, Symmetry, Ingredients and Med School, they joined their forces on Chroma, a project lauched on Klute's Commercial Suicide, Ram's new label Program and Phobia own Coded imprint by means of very good rollers such as "Always Be", "Acetate" and "So Alone", and have announced a new sonic assault on different labels. This release on the renowned C.I.A. perfectly adheres to the uncompromising sonic policy of Total Science's label: they don't show to be thrifty with bursts of speed on "Intermission", which spits fire by means of a pressurized old-school jungle groove, a foaming sub-bass tone and a sound which seems to come from a marble rolling on a metallic surface and furious tribal fills. The suffocating pressure of "Intermission" has been tempered on the flipside track, "Knock Knock", by the gliding of a sample, which preserves the above-mentioned jungle roasting together with the female vocal sample they inserted and got alternated with hard-hitting moments over a sustained flow of jerking drum rolls.


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