Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Aoki Takamasa (@)
Title: RV8
Format: CD
Label: Raster-Noton (@)
Rated: *****
RV8 could be mistaken for the abbreviation of some glossy and efficient engine, but it just refers to the eight rhythm variations that the talented Osaka-based producer Aoki Takamasa, who already delighted Raster Noton's followers by a similar glitch and rhythmic noise oriented release for the unum series in 2009, built with the complicity of Yoshihori Sunahara, who mastered them in a masterly manner. While listening to Aoki's amazing intense moulding on breaks and the engaging way he pixelates, hones or fulminates loops, listeners could imagine him in the act of grapping with levers, buttons, switches, squirt guns, die grinders, welders, belt sanders and other bizarre gizmos. The high appeal which fibrillating vibes and calibrated extrusions of rhythmical patterns by means of vivid samples, vocal snippets, bumping core drills, pleasingly elasticated synthetic tunes could share with dancefloors could even let you imagine Aoki's activity has more similarities with the one by a puppeteer of robotic marionettes that he inspirits by his own playful crossbreeding of grounds of mechanical loops or electric field with stylistical contraptions from downbeat, house, r'n'b and breakbeat. In spite of the substantial homogeneity, each amalgamation bursts with intriguing fast-moving dynamics: percussive elements such as claps, patters, chimes, bops and clackings gleefully wag around listeners by evoking perpetual motions even on the most chilling (particularly the third and the eighth ones) or the most "technoid" variations and its inner batch processing (as suggested by Kohei Terazono's words to describe this release: "beat clap chop pierce thrust polish warp twist burst squeeze expand cut stick overlap shift bend grate paralyze detach stack slip envelope coalesce vibrate shine dim radiate slice weave converge embrace unravel stiffen tremble elapse sink leap float dance drift swell resonate overflow") never sounds tedious or excessively droning. Check it out!


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