Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Acid Washed
Title: House Of Melancholy
Format: CD
Label: Record Makers
Rated: *****
Three years ago Acid Washed, the French duo formed by Andrew Claristidge and Richard d'Alpert released their self titled debut for Record Makers and instantly had their first two opening tracks off that album echoing into the dance floors. "General Motors, Detroit, America" and "Snake" were mixing electro to house and early 80s dance music (the title track is a retro blast) in a fresh and energetic way and just loved their way of creating catchy melodies with a good taste for warm synth sounds. Now the wait is over and Acid Washed are delivering always through Record Markers their new album "House Of Melancholy". The new ten tracks mix house, electro, late 70s early 80s electronic influences of the likes of Philip Glass, Vangelis, John Carpenter and much more. The opening track "Heartbeat Makes" is solemn like an electronic version of "Also Spratch Zarathustra" and it's followed by an instant electropop hit "Fire N' Rain" sung by Blaq Shampu. The first time I listened to it I thought about a mix of 80s pop (like a George Michael dance hit) and 90s seducing techno house. It has it all: sensuality, melody and a catchy refrain! "Golem's Dance" is a particular track: it's based on a nice piano upbeat melody coupled by 808 drum beats, synth pads and it has a certain cinematic atmosphere. "Prince Acid" starts with a 4/4 beats and a cool dark atmosphere and plays around nice melodies and arpeggios alternating in crescendo moments. "For Your Eyes Only" is another instrumental track which reminds me of 80s synth soundtracks. "Gasoline" is a melancholic synth ballad with a deep male voice. "Hello Universe" reminds me of Air for its soft atmosphere and it's a beautiful electro tune with the female voice of "Miss Kittin". "Celestial Choirs Of Barbes" is an atmospheric instrumental mid tempo with pads and nice acid intuitions (bass lines and some rhythms). "Nautilus" is a spacey tune inspired by 90s house and techno with 70s synth melodic solos. The main track closes the album and it's the one I found less immediate as at first sounds like a patchwork of dance, jazz piano chords with classic orchestral intuitions. Anyway, I enjoyed "House Of Melancholy" and thanks to Joakim at the production board, Yan Wagner, Miss Kittin and Ahmad Larnes on vocals, the comrades Hypnolove, Turzi or La Mverte playing around with keyboards and stuff, Andrew Claristidge and Richard d'Alpert may be happy about the final result. The album will be out on June the 3rd in France and then on July in Uk and rest of the world.


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