Monday, August 3, 2020
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KUBO: I Dream Electric

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Artist: KUBO
Title: I Dream Electric
Format: Tape
Label: Vocoder Tapes (@)
Rated: *****
Aidan Casserly never gets some rest and by the results he achieves, I think he's right to do what he does. This times he's back with a new project called Kubo. Formed by Aidan and Brian O'Malley (PolyDROID), who already played together in 1986 as ManSeries when they were at school, Kubo just released for Vocoder Tapes their first release, a tape single containing two tracks: "I Dream Electric" and "The Light That Blinds". Musically, the duo plays minimal syntwave music, inspired as much by themes of alienation and science fiction, as it is by the exploration of pure electronic sound. Brian is taking care of the sounds and his influences goes from the electronic music of the seventies (do you remember Vangelis early albums "Heaven And Hell" or the following "Albedo 0.39" and their pulsating sounds and ambient dark atmospheres?), to late seventies/early eighties electronic wave heroes of the likes of Gary Numan. These tense atmospheres find their counterpart into Aidan's vocals: influenced by passionate singers like David Bowie or Jacques Brel his voice gives a twist to the cold beats of the drum machine. Thumbs up for their first release and you can make your own idea by checking them at


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