Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Hibea (@)
Title: White Owl/The Form
Format: 12"
Label: IM:Ltd (@)
Distributor: Triple Vision
Rated: *****
I'll take upon myself the risk to sound repetitive, but I have to say French drum'n'bass label IM:Ltd is building a climbing frame to reach the empyrean realms of the genre by a series of releases this year, which are really remarkable on a quality level. This new record comes from Ukrainian talent Vladimir Prituliak aka Hibea, who emulates the explorative flight of the mysteriously charming long-eared bird, which gives the name to the track "White Owl", its hushed hunt in the dark, by means of clear-cut jungle-oriented breaks, icy puffs, a recurring sound which could vaguely resemble the call of a owl and a 3-note theme which engagingly emphasizes this imaginary night-flight, while compatriot producer Eugene Fade accentuates the jungle core of the original track by samples which resembles some proper jungle classics and a rising absorbing tone which evokes some stuff by Aphrodite on his remix, which is only available on the digital version as well as the original version of "The Form", an amazing 6-minutes lasting swirl of percussive popping, guided missiles, blasts of wind, shaking basslines and palpitating hums. On vinyl, you will find its hovering remix by Phil Tangent, which is maybe the plumiest track (not so different from some good uplifters on Hospital) of this appealing release by Hibea. Take wing and peer into darkest nights.


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