Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Distel: Puur

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Artist: Distel (@)
Title: Puur
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible
Rated: *****
Three years ago Distel released, always for Enfant Terrible, their first 7" containing two songs. Now, three years after and after a couple of tracks released on some compilations, they bring to the attention of industrial electronic lovers their first album titled "Puur". The release contains ten new tracks and it will have a second edition out in May which will come along with an extra two tracks 7", as this first one is limited to only 50 copies! Back to the album, I can say that it totally confirm the good impression I had with their single: it sounds powerful, desperate, sometimes melodic and well arranged. It sounds rich and cold at the same time thanks to the warmth of synth sounds and to the way the noises have been used. Music wise, listening to songs like "Hale" I recalled the early Coil, "Amne", instead, sounds like Depeche Mode covering early Cabaret Voltaire. Electro, industrial and cold wave are all mixed creating a fresh take on... despair. Check the sound excerpts at the label's website and I assure you that you'll reserve a copy of this one!


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