Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Chris Octane (@)
Title: Synthetics/Gaia's Dub
Format: 12"
Label: CO:RE (@)
Rated: *****
After the widely acclaimed release "Method In The Madness" together with DLR, Chris Octane undertakes a personal route by launching his own imprint CO:RE and dropping the first self-signed release, which doesn't sound just like a persuading proof of concept, but a sort of spiritual groundwork as well. The first track "Synthetics" unrolls both amazing beats, crackling drums, an effected buzzing electric guitar, cryptically vanishing melodies, which chorally sounds like cogs of a wheel in perpetual motion and a voice which enunciates a pensive reflection about the mutated perspective of an artificial reality, which invites listeners to think about the role of synthesis in the perception of surrounding and often encapsulated world. Such a reflection on "artificiality" looks like the mirror image of the spinned thoughts by the following "Gaia's Dub", a possible decryption of a raped Mother Nature, whose unpredictable burst, eruptions and sizzles could be likewise considered as cogs of a self-regulating machine, whose response is commensurate with any different attempt of awkward sabotage. Chris' work on mid frequencies and reverbs are really compelling and succeeds in masking the layered structure of both tracks.


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