Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: RM74 (@)
Title: Two Angles of a Triangle
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Utech Records (@)
Rated: *****
After the convincing release "Ride Out The Waves" by his side project Sum of R, the underestimated prolific Swiss electro-acoustic and electronic artist Reto Madler aka RM74 manages to renew his sound and reach another remarkable expressive peak by this impressively introspective/introjective release (on double cd...supposedly corresponding to the two angles mentioned on the title...), where he seems to scheme sonic strategies in order to fill his typically awfully somber atmospheres by means of different transcendental conjugations of his style as well as an intimately narrative flow. Recorded between Bern and Milwaukee, on the first of two angles Reto immediately applies a slight pressure on headphones so that he seems to evoke a descent into inner realms before reaching the cliff edge where an aural effected guitar loom on dull hits and creaks on the initial "Betwixt", which starts an intense journey whose steps are going to speak to listeners with no words: the sorrowful thuds of piano on metallic groans of "Spineless", the tiring but behooved dragging of resounding chains on the lulling "Between and Forever", the obliquely premonitory aura of "Orkas Dream", the flickering light from guitar strokes and expanding pads where the sound of chains have been turned into rattles on "A Shimmer OF Bronce", the temporary blissful levity of "May 30 2012" and the will-o-the-wisp and the cyclic melancholy of the final "Bees and Ghosts". The introduction of the second angle evokes the precipice and the vertigo before another inner exploration again, but after the initial absorbing noisy flux turns into an imaginary cusp by means of a piano-generated earworm, which acquaints listeners with the other six different stages, whose most interesting moments are the meek and somehow insane joyfulness of "We Run In Vicious Circles", the ominously sinister reminiscence of the sepulchral "Because Of The Slow Shutter Speed", the mesmerizing tension of "Laid Open" and the placidly abstract feeling of possesson of the final "Show Me The Shadow Of The Sun". I wonder if a third angle will be sketched by Reto or by some listener, who could finish the triangulation by means of an imaginative soul...