Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Artist: Dirk Serries (@)
Title: Microphonics XXI-XXV
Format: CD
Label: Tonefloat (@)
Rated: *****
After the recent collaborative work with Jon Atwood and the "concluding album statement" of the side-project Fear Falls Burning, Belgian musician Dirk Serries aka VidnaObmana, who doesn't really need any introduction due to his astonishing long-lasting sonic research and his monumental discography, comes back on Dutch label Tonefloat with the second volume of Microphonics, last act of his orbits around minimalism. This elegant chiseler forges four masterpieces which are built on a frame of a limited number of guitar chords or tones, which emit intensively emotional contrails and heady harmonics: the seemingly perpetual crumbling of the creaking guitar in the initial "Mounting Among The Waves" let leak a sort of myelin sheath around the electric sinew which moves and indents strings, while the following "There's A Light In Vein" is even more dazzling by means of its sweet and plain arpeggio and a bewitching deep low sound which gradually rises and floods in any hidden burrow of listener's soul. The finicky distortion on guitars on "The Burden Of Hope" never bothers listener; they rather weave an engaging twine with surfacing warm bass tone and melodic scrapes which reroutes the mental sailing towards an unpredictable and indefinitely limbo, whose pervading vibrations could even inspire an emotional reaction to a marble. The catharsis looks like an accomplished mission, which just needs some celebration on the final dazzling lullaby-like drone of "Thousands of Rivers", which ends this heartbreaking release with a psychedelic and cooling bang.


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