Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Mollono.Bass Remix - Collection
Format: CD
Label: 3000° (@)
Distributor: Kompakt Distribution
Rated: *****
Hi-hats that resemble clippers or knitting needles, highly stressed and somewhat dry bass drums, crunchy claps, pot-bellied gabbling synth-brasses and other percussive tricks, mainly ensued from tech-house engines, and above all arrangements based on nice insertions of classical music, whistles or other traditional instruments are the main features of remix art German dj and producer Ronny Mollenhauer aka Mollono.Bass (Acker Records), which tries to balance off-beat rhythimcal patterns without breaking chemical bonds of sustaining melodies of original tracks, which are barely enhanced by means of electronic blurs if at all, so that the pursuit of the so-called "danceability" doesn't adulterate melodic frameworks. To be honest, some remixes don't really meet my tastes, but I think it could be related by the circumstance that this is a collection which embraces many different declensions and stylistical crops. For some mysterious reasons, the imprint of Mollono.Bass worth is more appreciable when he processes some glamouresque vocal (sometimes added by Mollono.Bass himself) and "antiqued" tracks: his remixes of Douglas Greed's "Shiva" (Delhia de France on mic), Wolfgang Lohr's "Sunbelt Regret" (featuring Miss NatNat), "Ici" by Pupkulies & Rebecca, Peng Peng's "Here We Go Again" are some of the most remarkable highlights of this collection. He shows a palatable complementarity with ethnic-oriented stuff as you can immediately notice on remixes of Moneky Safari's "Sirens" or "Dole & Kom's "Quetschkommode", but the most striking stylistical adherence has been reached on the make-up of a couple of tracks by Be Svendsen - "On the hill" and "The Elephants Cage" -, where he managed to temper his popping grooves by squeezing their inner cinematic and kinematic viscosity.


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