Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Ben Fleury-Steiner (@)
Title: Clearings
Format: CD
Label: Rural Colours (@)
Rated: *****
This new hue on the paletter of Hibernate auxiliary label Rural Colours has been added by Delaware-based producer and owner of lòabel Gears of Sand, Ben Fleury-Steiner aka Paradin and Light of Shipwreck, who has already been mentioned on some past reviews on this space for a release on small Belgian label Mistery Sea. On "Clearings", Ben seems to trace a sort of gradual transition from organic to more ethereal sounds over the three long-lasting tracks of the release, so that you could imagine it as a step-by-step catharsis by means of silent hints from natural environment, wide apart from disorienting urban settings. The carrier waves on first phase of this process of refining, "Wind Up Bird's Lament", have more surfs and they follows one another in a loop built on twitters, distant croaks and dripping on backwater, vaguely on the doldrums, the second and central phase "Glade", the one I like more, combines aural melodic aureoles and organic sounds by evoking variable weather conditions from a shelter nearby a watercoarse and a more enraptured ecstatic mood, while the waves of the final radial "Parallax" sound more stretched where some faint metallic interferences and cavernours echoes still bob on the almost unruffled waterline, whose swells are close to some similar stuff by Steve Roach. If you focuses on details, you'll easily notice that even the rare "flattest" moments conceal an eager strain on texturing.


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