Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Ghost Time (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Hinterzimmer Records (@)
Rated: *****
Listeners get immediately absorbed in an other-worldly magnetic field since the very first moments of the initial track "Pastly" by the widely reverberated and somewhat claustrophobic rasps, withering flurries and suffocated shrieks and the phantasmagorical listening experience keeps on draining away without any break over the lond-lasting four tracks as if it's a sort of sonic translation of an attempt to recover after the hallucinogenic fever dream caused by an alkaloid poisoned philter, which culminates in the frightening screams of the ghost of some harridan and the intoxicating fumigations of "Faint" and the oblong and almost unreal pocket trumpet on the final "Glimpse". This haunted declension of avantagarde-jazz and post-industrial research has almost become a cubbyhole, but this uncommon trio, made up of English pocket trumpeter Andy Knight and a couple of outstanding personalisties of the experimental scene, American renowned performative artists and noise percussionist Z'ev and Scottish jazz-fusion drummer and percussionist Ken Hyder, tried to fertilize this stylistical ground by bizarre instrumental parts, performative techniques and references to centuries-old traditions: all bass lines have been taken from the Ceol Mor, the ancient tradition of Scottish Pibroch, the so-called music of laments; Z'ev and Ken generates overtones by using alto, tenor and baritone rolmos, which are Tibetan ritual cymbals; the vocals combine elemnts of Canntaireachd, a vocalisation of bagpipe playing, and Khoomei, a Siberian and Mongolian traditional form of throat singing which Ken learnt when he was in Tuva, a Russian region in Southern Siberia. Beyond this musical "syncretism", another relevant aspect of Ghost Time is the fact it was entirely recorded live in one take, even if someone could think that its overtones could have been electronically modified.


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