Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Schloss Tegal (@)
Title: Oranur III
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
Many gourmet of electro-industrial dark ambient don't really need any introduction of American sound project by Robert Schneider and Mark Burch, named after a castle near Berlin which was formerly a psychiatric clinic for military people, where they got treated by means of music and art therapy. I surmise they have a reputation as many critics and reviewers consider Schloss Tegal as the founders of so-called dark ambient, whose main features were hovering since their electro-industrial debut release in 1989, a 7" single which was properly titled "Procession Of The Dead". They planned a series of reworks of some albums of their discography. This one by appreciated label Cold Spring is a digtally remastered version of their "The Third Report", a record inspired by the apocryphal scientific matter of orgonic energy, theorized by the controversial Austrian psychoanalist Wilhelm Reich, who made some researches of this supposedly existing cosmic energy during the years he spent in the United States. The concise, but exhaustive dissertion on Reich's experiments and beliefs about Deadly Orgone Radiation, Cosmic Orgone Engineering, Cloudbuster, Electro Magnetic Fields and its relation with the so-called "emotional plague", Oranur experiments, bio-weapons and other similar matters you can delve, with old pictures of Reich's cloudbusters is the conceptual framework of this album, which sounds like a sonic transducer of that theorized energy. Its magnetic flux density got emphasized by vocal samples, which seems to be taken from descriptions on tapes, noisy excoriation, abrasive insertions, toned-down obscure frequencies, piercing rumbles, which keep on putting a steady strain, which is somewhat uncommon for many dark-ambient contemporary releases, on many tracks such as "Coital Affirmation", the long-lasting initial "Oranur II "the Third and Final Report"", the disquieting "Dark Eyes", the creepy cryptic "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep", the subterranean clashing gusts of "Orop Desert Eas 1954-1955", the shivering phantasmagorical breeze of "Orena "Orop Terria"", the ethereal carnality of "The Core Men". This final report is supposedly the final warning to the sleeping beings of the Earth, according to their own (Schloss Tegal or some multidimensional being?) words!


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