Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: PRSZR (@)
Title: Equilirium
Format: CD
Label: Hinterzimmer Records (@)
Rated: *****
PRSZR is the consonantal name (to be pronounced "pressure") of the collaborative project by Wien-based former dj and renowned experimental sound artist Peter Votava, better known as PURE, and Polish alchemists of percussions Rafal Iwanski, Rafal Kolacki and Dariusz Wojtas aka Hati, whose talent in building entrancing patchworks by means of ethnic instruments, found objects, idiophones, gongs, stylistically on the borderlines between improvisational electro-acoustic music and magic(k)al meditative/ritual one, already facilitated important collaborations with remarkable musicians such as Z'EV, John Zorn, Steve Buchanan, Heike Fiedler. With the exception of the third central track where a sort of flanged didjeridoo which wrap the percussive web could give you the impression of intermittent buzz moving around the sonic space, the reciprocal interplay doesn't sound too invasive so that you could easily distinguish both contributions to the building of each track. The nylon narrow vibration of an ascending plucking on a mist-shrouded clump of almost aphonic gongs and plates on the first gorgeous track and the glaring reverberation of plate tapping and rubbing which dissolves into a sort of heartbeat and sequenced flurries on the second track keep the voltage of the listening experience high as well as after the above-mentioned central flame-up, the squeaking and tickling stretches of the fourth act and the subatomic percussive particles which seem to unleash and trigger sonic fly ashes on the final track. "Equilirium" succeeds in striking demanding listeners by way of suffumigation of hypnotical, mind-tickling and somewhat cathartic atmospheres.


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