Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: oMMM
Title: Re-Animator volume 1
Format: Tape
Label: Exotic Pylon Records (@)
Rated: *****
This corpulent collection of softened breakcore tunes and oodles of electromechanical organized belches, which are going to be spread on three releases, comes from the archives of recordings of Edmund Davie also known as Dj Negative Skills and operting here under the guise of oMMM, who prefers to name his bizarre declension of those sonorities as "bedcore" and I could surmise such a denomination together with that dadaist masterpiece by Michael Forrest on the cover artwork couldn't be explained just by the presence of some short tunes which remind broken musical mobiles for baby cradles ("Molly") or out of power electronic toys, plaything cheap keyboards, electronic pop-guns and crippled robots ("Observation", "the doctor", "pleonastia", "drunk on doom and industrial noise"). Many tracks sound like amalgamation of distorted noises or overcrammed frequencies from scratched cds, broken squawk boxes, keyboards after fatal short circuits, whose abrasive potential got cushioned by the typical hiss of old tapes, gaunt sonic poltergeists and rudimentary cadenced prosodies with many interesting stuff oscillating between very dry patterns ("Lazarus", "reeks"), rickety gaits ("lemme wake up", "Emily", "midnight = 2am") and noise interferences on hip-hop or breakbeat typical stepping ("Cardinal ability to escape", "Into outer space with Professor Rhythm", "proxy notice"). You could imagine it as an imaginary freak projected in a laboratory of genetical engineering led by Synapscape, Celluloid Mata or Black Lung after a devastating binge, which cannot easily sober up. This amazing re-animator is available on tape or digital.


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