Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Asférico (@)
Title: Sonidos del Subcosciente I
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Galaverna (@)
Rated: *****
As there's the Roman number for "first" after the title of the release, I could surmise this is the first of a series of sonic experiments by Asferico, new project by Barcelona-based dj, producer, founder of Storung electronic music festival and head of the Storung sub-label FlatMate Music Alex Gamez, who assembles a catchy mental odyssey/adventure and 25-minutes lasting listening experience by means of a guessed combination of modified field recordings and analog synthesizer sounds. The adventure starts with tempestous noise of a sort of sea storm, which he gradually disfigures by dint of sequences of puffs and blows as if he's turning it into a new appearance. The following steps of this sonic journey, which could give you the lively impression of being inside a cave surrounded by the noises of dripping rocks, colliding with ginormous metallic entrapping webs, awakening within a peaceful wood and so on, could let you think that according to a possible conceptual explanation of this release, the Spanish sound artist is trying to ding the sphere and the diaphragm between form and fuction, fact and fiction, perception and nature, whose sharp detachment seems to belong to many philosophical, religious, cultural and even architectural principles, which look like fostering this separation. I wonder how the follow-up of this first act of "Sonidos del Subcosciente", which comes on Italian net-label Galaverna by Enrico Coniglio and Leandro Pisano, could sound.


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