Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Lycoriscoris (@)
Title: From Beyond The Horizon
Format: CD
Label: Moph (@)
Rated: *****
When I'm asked to describe the style of some new musician, I don't really like to resort to schematical descriptions but it could be useful for "western" listeners to try a "mathematical" definition of the astonishing sonic syncretism that Tokyo-based musician and composer Lycoriscoris wraps on his album "From Beyond The Horizon". On the enchanted valley of their liquid sonorities, it seems that many rivulets come together after getting swollen by waterfalls of delicate organic ambient, Japanese electronics, contemporary smooth jazz, honeyed dreamlike melodies driven by piano strokes and gleaming sounds and glitch knitting so that you could almost imagine it as a combination of some sweet atmospheres by Pharoah Sanders, Lonnie Liston Smith or some idyllic tunes by Takagi Masakatsu, filtered by means of typical skipped and hopped gaits of glitch music. The fuel additive which rises the pressure of the sonic centrifuge by Lycoriscoris is a subtle oomph which gradually or sprightly surface over the blossoming parade of sounds. While in the first part, where you will also find "Daydreamer", a pretty collaboration with Japanese singer Piana, the music cracks open towards breezy disruptions, many tracks of the second part such as "Amenooto", "Shinonomo" or "Stillness", mantain dreamy flavours intact but seem to pat more intimate strings of soul. A lovely collection of musical fragile potsherds.


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