Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Monopium (@)
Title: The Goat & Dead Horses\' Circus
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
It takes almost two years to this polish band to compile the follow-up of their debut release and, in times where there are releases every three or four months, is quite a good news as this is an album of impressive quality. As the reader knows, I've reviewed almost every release of this polish label as, so, I have some reason to claim that this one is amongst the best releases of this label.
"Marble" opens this release as this album were a sort of jam between a jazz band and an ambient one and there was a radio lefts on during the session while "Flesh" is an ambient track with a jazz mood juxtaposed. "Piramidy" instead is based upon a quite strange loop above some small and sparse noises. "Dead Horses' Circus" is a dreamy soundscape while "La Grande Déferlante" is based upon a dark loop and the impressive voice of EmmA WyrD. "Assassins" is a dark ambient interlude colored by an original saxophone line. "Fade Away" is based on Sci-Fi synth line as "La Primavera" is a small interlude based on string instrument and the hiss of an old tape. The quite old recording that opens "Lights & Serpentines" and colored by the bells introduce the listener to the final part of this release. "Sotto il Sole del Mondo" is a sample based track relying on the hypnotic effect of the samples. "As-Sawira" is the dreamy introduction to "La Primavera (My Final Bell)" where Euski gives his touch creating an atmosphere of great suggestion.
As a Nurse With Wound fan I enjoyed the courage of the musical path and the originality and variety of the solutions so this album is in my personal list of albums of the year. Amazing.


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